Health – Improving People’s Health

Health is such a basic need, it impacts every aspect of a person’s daily life.  A child with a toothache is unable to concentrate in school and succeed.  A family without health insurance is often overwhelmed to the point of bankruptcy by the financial burdens of an illness.  Seniors without prescription assistance have to make frightening decision on which medicine they can afford and which ones they will go without. United Way is helping individuals live qualilty live an dchieve maximum health independence.

Safe Home and Community

Homes are free from violence and physical hazards; communities support people’s health, safety, and development.

Healthy Beginnings

Ensure women receive primary and preventative care that supports a healthy pregnancy, birth and early childhood development.

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Individuals have access to nutritious food options and regular physical activity.

Supporting Healthy Choices

Encourage psotive behaviors that nurture one's potential and provide them with skills to create a healthy lifestyle.

Access to Health Care

Promote individuals and familes to seek health bvenefits for which they are eligible.